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CamVane 100

CamVane 100

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Полное описание

    •    Air velocities between 1,0 to 5,0 m/s
    •    Low noise level
    •    Very low pressure drop
    •    Weather resistant material
    •    Separation efficiency up to 100 % rain
    •    Minimal risk of freezing

Application: Intake grille which is a very efficient for rainprotection. It is used in all filter installations where the water, rain and moisture problems occur, such as in marine environments, coastal areas, the rivers and inland.
Type: CamVane has specially-shaped aluminium profiles which generate turbulence in the air-flow.
Frame: Aluminium EN-AW-5754
Profiles: Aluminium EN-AW-6060
Air velocities: 1.0 - 5.0 m/s in the duct system
Size: Supplied with any dimensions up to 2500 x 2500 mm
Deep: Standard 100 mm
Drainage: Supplied with drain at the bottom.
Mounting: Mounting flange or fastening ears to customer specifications.

The CamVane droplet separator is a heavy-duty and highly efficient moisture eliminator. The product’s low operating pressure drop makes CamVane a cost-effective first-stage separator for any air intake system. Typical areas of application include intake air handling units exposed to periods of heavy rain, fog or mist, offshore platforms, ships and installations close to coastal areas. The CamVane droplet separator has high separation efficiency with low pressure drop development for air intake velocities up to 5 m/s. The streamlined separator profiles deflect the droplet-laden air stream. Due to inertial forces, droplets impinge onto the profile surface and form a liquid film. The separation chambers collect the liquid, and due to gravity, the liquid is drained to the bottom of the profiles and removed via drainage openings.{jd_file file==59}