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Полное описание

    •    Services large air volume systems at high velocities, separating contaminants through inertial separation
    •    Constant pressure drop, self-cleaning

Application: High volume HVAC systems in high ambient dust laden applications.
Construction: 11-gauge mild steel mild steel, bolt on flanges for HVAC system connection and bleed outlet, removable blade pack and four mesh inlet screens.
Additional data: Typical bleed air is 10%. Available to service airflows up to a 48,600 cfm.

The Camfil Farr Dynavane inertial separator is normally self-cleaning and does not require routine maintenance. It is designed to provide long, trouble-free service under the most difficult conditions. The Dynavane operates on the principle of inertial separation. As the mixture of dust and air enters the Dynavane, most of the air changes direction, separating itself from the dust as it passes through the vanes. Because of its greater mass and the natural movement (inertia), the dust continues in a straight line with the incoming "bleed air" into the dust bin duct. The dust-loaded bleed air may then be discharged directly back to the surroundings.
Standard Dynavane assemblies are available in sizes ranging from one single cell to the modular arrangement of 112 cells. Each cell operates effectively at air flows of 850 m3/h to 3400 m3/h. Dynavane cells and enclosures are fabricated of carbon steel, optional stainless steel or aluminium.{jd_file file==64}