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GB Housing (gasket seal)

GB Housing (gasket seal)

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Полное описание

    •    Positive sealing integrity in a side access bag-in/bag-out housing for gasket seal Absolute® filters
    •    1400 pounds of gasket-sealing pressure ensures complete capture of airborne contaminants

Typical applications: Chemical manufacturing facilities, food processing, genetic research and biotechnology facilities, hospital isolation suites to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, industrial processes exhaust, microelectronic and semiconductor facilities, nuclear power plants, pharmaceutical facilities, radioisotope handling facilities, university research laboratories, US Department of Energy Facilities, veterinary research and animal disease laboratories, and specific United States Government and military facilities.
Construction: Containment level housing. See Product Sheet 3402 for construction details.
Filters: Gasket seal Absolute® filters or HEGA filters.
Additional data: Information shown herein for quick reference purposes only. Application specific data is required by the factory before model selection can be accomplished.

Consult factory or Product Sheet 3402 for more information.

Camfil Farr’s GB Series Housings minimize exposure to harmful contaminants during filter service through the use of a heavy-duty PVC bag enclosure system. The entire filter changing process isolates personnel from the hazardous materials.
GB Series Housings accept only gasket seal filter and adsorber elements. This housing series is designed and fabricated according to the applicable requirements of the ASME AG-1 Code on Nuclear Air Cleaning and Gas Treatment and N-509. Each housing is subjected to conformance testing according to ASME N510. The nuclear-grade quality assurance program guiding all aspects of design, production and testing is ASME NQA-1.
Although GB Series Housings are available in a basic configuration, various options and features can be added to build a final assembly specific to the application. These housings are typically used in facilities that incorporate hazardous materials in their processes. These contaminants may include biomedical, radiological, carcinogenic or other materials of concern.
Some specific applications include:
    •    Nuclear power plants and nuclear-related facilities
    •    High containment laboratories (BSL-3 and higher)
    •    Hospital isolation suites to prevent the spread of infectious diseases
    •    Industrial processes exhaust
    •    Microelectronic and semiconductor facilities
    •    Nuclear power plants
    •    Pharmaceutical facilities{jd_file file==75}