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Absolute Filter Holding Frame

Absolute Filter Holding Frame

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Полное описание

    •    Modular design adaptable for all types of installations
    •    Location dimples in frame ensure correct filter fitting
    •    Pre drilled for easy assembly
    •    Filter holding clips can be easily replaced as required

Application: Mounting very high efficiency filters in air conditioning units and systems.
Type: Front access filter holding frame.
Construction: Galvanised steel or stainless steel.
Filter Types: Absolute and Micretain very high efficiency filters.
Filter fixing: Using 4 corner mounted clamps.

Absolute filter holding frames are suitable for box-type filter installations. Due to the modular design, the frame assembly is very flexible and allows several configurations. Absolute filter holding frames are available in galvanized steel and an alternative stainless-steel version. The stable design, tight construction and optimized filter clamping device will secure safe usage, filter installation and replacement. The Absolute filter holding frame is optimized for use with Camfil Farr box-type filters (e.g. Airopac) and compact HEPA filters (e.g. Absolute, Micretain, Closepleat, Mega-Flo and Sofilair).{jd_file file==35}